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"Be the person your dog thinks you are." The purpose of this saying is to encourage you to be your best self. But this quote falls short of something greater.
Wrestle with the complexities and the things you don't understand.
Plant your tree today.
Believe you can change your world.
What does a utopian world look like to you?
The word you probably never heard of yet it's found all around you.
Acknowledgment holds the power of liberation.
Life will throw positive and negative energy along your journey; challenges, curve balls, opportunities, and luck. Capture this energy to propel you toward the person you desire to become.
This speech was so encouraging, that I believe it transcends the advice for a college student and can touch the lives of anyone who hears it.
Here's the science behind why many billionaires attribute their success to luck.
Weaknesses are simply strengths applied in the wrong areas. Embrace and redirect them for personal growth and success.
Constantly searching for reasons and explanations can trap us in a cycle of overthinking, inhibiting our growth. Do not ask "Why?". Ask "Why not?".
Experimentation has played a pivotal role in human progress throughout history, enabling both individual and collective improvement.
20 pieces of advice I learned over the last decade.
Embrace love. Let it fuel you to express yourself.
Are you working on the same creative project you promised yourself you would complete last year?
You can hack your way to being “smart’ by stealing the way smart people think. 
Here’s a secret the world’s best scientists used to win a Nobel prize…and it has nothing to do with science. 
The Mona Lisa is legendary because Leonardo da Vinci combined his mastery of art and scientific genius to pioneer groundbreaking techniques to paint the earliest painting that comes as close to a photograph as possible—182 years before the camera was invented.
This is a poem to art about loss and appreciation.
You've been programmed to think that school is for education.
What started out as a debate about the generational difference in musical taste ended with me pondering how and why music has changed over time.

Expand Your Mind Every Week

Join hundreds of deep creative thinkers who get my short inspiring mind-expanding emails—a blend of fact and fiction, reality and imagination, science and art.

There's a few things I'm itching to talk about.

There's a few things I want to tell you about.

For example...

I've met with over ten billionaires, and they all gave me advice. Do you want to know what they told me?

What is life? Not the purpose of life—just what is life? Well, I have a theory and I'd love to hear your feedback.

I started a business that landed on Shark Tank and others that went viral on social media. I have a loooong list of awesome business ideas. Do you want to hear a few that you can build and how I would approach getting them launched?

How is A.I. going to impact the world, and what does that mean for humans?

For the last decade, I've taken note of great advice from random credible sources that I want to share with my unborn kids. Do you want to see that list?

I changed one button on my website, and it 3x'd my revenue. Do you want to know what I changed and what it implies about the human psyche?

There's a molecule I've been obsessively researching. It's a miracle molecule that could potentially extend your lifespan by over 40%. Do you want to hear my thoughts and read my notes on it?

I just finished writing a book about creativity. I've spent years dissecting and comparing the lives of history's creative geniuses, and what I discovered is shocking. Do you want to know why creativity is the most important human trait?

I have a list of psychological studies that will make you question your reality. Do you want me to share them with you?

What if we discovered that the Sun was a living organism? How creepy would that be? I wrote a short story about how it might all play out. Want to read it?

These are just a handful of topics I cover with you in this newsletter—a few grains of sand from the beach on the World of Creatives.

I cover creativity, art, poetry, entrepreneurship, philosophy, psychology, science, technology, theories, ideas, and so much more.

I transparently document my mind and share it with you.

Maybe one day, A.I. will take everything from "World of Creatives" and create a "Creative Mind A.I." where anyone anywhere can have endless unhinged conversations with it about their abstract, contrarian, and creative thoughts.

Until then, when you receive my emails, feel free to respond and engage in conversation with human-me about anything you find interesting, want to share, or differing opinions.

My goal is to let you inside my mind in hopes that you'll open your mind a bit, too.

Let's grow together.

See you later on the inside the World of Creatives,


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