A Message to Art. A Message to Self.

January 21, 2021
Dwayne Walker

I feel like I’ve known you my whole life.
Your warm presence always felt so right,
Embraced by your security,
I finally felt free to be me.
You injected life in my ideas, as odd as they could be,
Displaying them proudly for the world to see,
You sparked my curiosity like a moon shining at night,
overpowering my darkest thoughts with light.
I was lost at sea struggling to fight my waves within.
I was drowning in emotions when you taught me how to swim.
I’ll never erase the mark you left on my life.
You added color to a world that felt black and white.
Yet, through all that you did for me, I drifted away.
They said “real life” is a game and I have to leave you to play.
Then suddenly you were taken, and my whole world was shaken.
“What do you mean that’s unimportant? Sir, you must be mistaken.”
Honestly, I didn’t understand,
but I trusted them and stuck to their plan.
I stood in those lines. I passed those tests.
I got that job, but now I’m just stressed.
And in a world of distractions, where everyone’s average,
It’s hard to express myself while feeling accepted.
Sometimes when I close my eyes to see, how vast my mind can truly be,
I hear your whisper deep, deep down inside of me.

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