School Isn't For Education

January 7, 2021

Why do you believe that school is for education? Where did that notion come from?

You were told, "You send your kids to school for education."


School does a lot of things, but education is just a tiny bit of it as all the homeschooling and un-school statistics clearly show. Honestly, students probably get an hour a day of education, they get indoctrination (the process of force-feeding a person with ideas, attitudes, cognitive strategies, and professional methodologies), they are forced to excessively memorize simple Google searches, and they get taught at the speed of the slowest student.

The majority of the subjects they're taught are mostly subjects that are irrelevant or obsolete. Why aren't they learning financial literacy (investing, taxes, budgeting, etc.), effective communication, mental wellness (dealing with depression, medication, etc.), and other relevant subjects like that?

Our education system is a combination of a small bit of education, a large dose of socialization, a large dose of compliance training, and a massive dose of babysitting.

Yes, You've been programmed to think that school is for education.

Always remember that groups search for consensus, individuals search for truth.

Find your truth in everything.

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