Thinking Thursdays

Thinking Thursdays—November 19, 2020

November 19, 2020
Dwayne Walker

Snippet from How to Get Start Up Ideas—Paul Graham: “The best plan may be just to keep a background process running, looking for things that seem to be missing. Work on hard problems, driven mainly by curiosity, but have a second self watching over your shoulder, taking note of gaps and anomalies. Give yourself some time. You have a lot of control over the rate at which you turn yours into a prepared mind, but you have less control over the stimuli that spark ideas when they hit it.”

This week, my girlfriend Ife taught me the power of the word “No.” Parallel universes are really just various alternate realities of the various decisions you make. We go our lives making simple yes and no decisions and each decision branches off into a new path. So, we literally are choosing which reality we live in by learning how to say, “No.”

This week I was the best man at my brother’s wedding. One of the biggest lessons about love my brother gave me was that L.O.V.E. was Life’s Only Visual Emotion. It made me realize early on that love was about showing it instead of saying it. Here is the full Best Man speech.

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