My Best Man Speech—Omar and Brittany Walker

November 16, 2020
Dwayne Walker

Hello Everyone!

Before I start, I would like to have a round of applause for the parents of Omar and Brittney for raising two kids in a way where, at 16 years old, they were able to identify, value, and nurture true love.

Most of you know me as *Omar’s* younger brother. For those of you who don’t know me, trust me, I’m a pretty cool guy...I’m *Major 7s* brother.

If you know Omar, then you know he has the competitiveness of Kobe Bryant. He’s always striving to be the greatest. He’s so competitive, I’m actually surprised he was okay with calling me the “best” man.

I’m sure if it was up to him, he’d be the best man and I’d be the second best man. But nahhh, I’m wearing this title today!

In a lot of ways I don’t even want to strip away the title of “best” from him. From a younger brother’s point of view he was always the best. The best sharp shooter on the basketball court. The best music producer. And of course...you can’t be competitive without being The best trash talker.

One thing that Omar is the best at is giving advice (or deep conversations).

In middle school, one day Omar and I were talking about his relationship with Brit. He asked me, “Do you know what love stands for? L. O. V. E.? Life’s Only Visual Emotion. *repeat*

Honestly, My brain couldn’t comprehend the depth of the message he was trying to convey. But I started to understand overtime what it truly meant by watching and observing Omar and Brit. During their “highs” I saw how their love amplified the moment, during the “lows” I saw their love pick them up. They bring out the best in each other. I’ve witnessed their romantic gestures day in and day out, for years. And now, honestly, unsurprisingly, we’re here.

It’s beautiful. Y’all have been a role model of love, and friendship for me, when I marry my girlfriend Ife.

I know, I know...most of you probably look towards the best man to bring up in his speech something that could potentially embarrass the groom. Reveal something that would make him cringe in his seat. But...


...I agree. So I saved it for last.

One of the most memorable ways Omar expressed how he felt for Brit was through music. So, Just to show you how much their love transcends time, and humor you a little bit, I’m going to share the last verse of the song that Omar made for Brit on Valentine’s Day in 2009. I thought it would be fitting because today they exchanged wedding rings, while back in 2009 he gifted her a promise ring. The song said...

This the last verse, for my first love,
I like how when I’m sick you treat me how a nurse does,
Certainly your worth the whole world to me,
And I think your beautiful internally and externally,
I used to frown, you changed my face like plastic surgery,
Now I’m smiling cause I know that you’re the only girl for me,
I heard them say that you’re an angel in disguise,
But it’s no secret your more like an angel in the sky,
And they could never pay me to leave your side,
Matter of fact, I would pay just to be your guy,
I’d do just about anything to put you in my home,
Just to treat you like a queen baby, put you on a throne,
I call your number up, baby put you on the phone,
Just to sweet talk you and let you know that I’m gon’
Love ya like I told ya, that’s a promise from your king,
And if you don’t believe me girl here’s a promise ring.

To this day, When I talk to Omar I sense this same fire in his soul. It’s a rare fire that’s capable of standing the test of time. It’s a love that, honestly, we should all strive towards having with each other.

I’m honored that I was able to witness Life’s only visual emotion, and I’m excited to continue experiencing it as you both embark on this epic milestone. Brit I love you. Beast brother I love you. I love you both.

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