Thinking Thursdays

Thinking Thursdays—November 12, 2020

November 12, 2020
Dwayne Walker

I had a fun theory about humanity, technology, and religion, so I turned it into a mini story to explain it. I called it The Afterlife—A Journal Entry From the Future.

If we are all stardust, then maybe understanding a star is understanding life and understanding a black hole is understanding death.

When humans become multi-planetary, we are going to have to find another system for measuring time because a day on Earth is different than a day on every other planet.

The medical drug industry is just weaponry for a war humans are fighting with other animals—viruses.

The loudest boos come from the cheapest seats. People who have invested the least in you will often have the most to say about you.

In the last 60 years the USA added 10 more years to the average life expectancy, yet the USA life expectancy is still 6 years lower than Hong Kong.

Dave Chappelle’s stand up comedy routine was comedic genius. It was both deep and hilarious. Watch it here. My favorite part was when he said, “You don’t want to wear your (face)mask because it’s Oppressive? Try wearing the mask I’ve been wearing all these years. I can’t even tell you something true, unless it has a punchline behind it.”

I’ll end with something Willie Linton asked me at the airport:

What’s heavier, life or death? A lot of people fear death. We spend our whole lives running from it, yet when life gets heavy we turn to death as a solution. So what’s really the scary thing? Life or death?

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