The Afterlife—A Journal Entry From the Future

November 6, 2020
Dwayne Walker

Over the last 85 years, with the help of our extraterrestrial counterparts, humans have advanced to the point where they are a multi-planetary species spread across hundreds of neighboring solar systems. It's 2625, and the universe is now our world.

History books say that during WW3, we almost wiped out our entire species. Luckily, becoming multi-planetary helped humans become harmonious with each other. We don't fight over resources anymore because they're abundant now. Also, leaving Earth-1 opened the minds of humans by revealing how small we all are. I live on Earth-893.

Cloning started by using CRISPR to clone a rat, then a dog, and then a human. A few years after that, we used cloning to give someone on their deathbed a second chance. That revealed the flaws in cloning. We were able to bring back the body, but not the mind. That was until NeuraLink's fully-AI CEO, Elon Musk, found a way to use DNA to duplicate the human mind. CRISPR cloning was like buying a new computer, and NeuraLink's DNA Mind Map was like transferring over your files from your old device.

Cloning to remain alive was a part of our everyday life until we figured out something way more efficient. Now, we use a combination of CRISPR and hyper-realistic biomechanics to achieve complete immortality.

With the help of CRISPR and biomechanics, we were able to solve the majority of our genetic flaws. Now, instead of building large bio-dome infrastructures to inhabit various planets, an entire family could use CRISPR to adjust their body's code so that they are suitable to live in each of those environments instead.

We owe all of this to our ancestors for enabling us to live in such a happy, advanced universe.

But that's the centerpiece of the Great Debate happening accords the universe right now.

You see, over the last few years, Fayne Wiggins made a massive breakthrough in time travel. By harnessing a black hole's energy, humans are capable of time travel for the first time in history. Unfortunately, this technology is only accessible to the government.

If we owe our immortality to our ancestors, shouldn't we gift them with life?

One side believes that the past humans almost destroyed Earth-1 and, given the opportunity, they will do the same to our universe. The other side believes that since we owe our immortality to our ancestors, we gift them with life. Then, they met in the middle with a solution.

We created a general method of determining if a human from the past is fit for existing in the future. We created a broad set of guidelines that encourage people to be kind to each other and the universe while living a purposeful life. We sent our brightest humans—astronauts, physicists, genealogists, historians—back in time on the mission of a lifetime.

On the first mission, they went back in time on Earth-1 and made it a worldwide culture to bury people with their information (written/digital records, a tombstone, etc.) so that future humans can match DNA with the correct identity. That way, all the DNA throughout human history will be organized underground for us, future humans, to dig up and reconstruct. This will allow us to bring back all humans...if we wanted to.

On the second mission, they took the guidelines back in time and laid down the core ground rules for all religions on Earth-1. We know humans will split and create their own religions and beliefs. Still, as long as morality's importance is communicated throughout humanity, we should have a decent gauge of filtering out the good humans from the bad.

On the last mission, we traveled back in time to gift the Egyptians with the scientific and astrological knowledge that lead to the advancements of science needed to reach our current state of complete universal control. Unfortunately, we got caught. The people who saw us drew pictures of what they say on their walls. We told them the importance of the tombs for the after-life, and that's why they created large pyramids as their tombs.

So far, so good. We've been keeping an eye on the early humans using a time-traveling VR mechanism. Boy, are they entertaining! Whenever we communicate with past humans, we use NeuraLink. We speak to them with our minds, and they interpret it as intuition.

All of this is used to track past humans lives to determine if they are worthy of existing in the future—the afterlife. Where they can live forever on any planet in the universe they see fit.

They look up at the stars, wondering about their place in the universe without recognizing that they are the universe. The supernatural they all admire is within all of them. All of us. Humanity.

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