Thinking Thursdays

Thinking Thursdays—January 7, 2021

January 7, 2021
Dwayne Walker

You don't like food because it tastes good. Do you ever wonder why some people enjoy food that you hate? It turns out that the deliciousness of food isn't solely based on the flavor of the food. Our biases filter our perception of food. It turns out that deliciousness is both ingrained and learned, and it is a product of all five senses interacting in unexpected ways. Learn more on my post Your Favorite Food is Nasty.

Focus on your own path. Life is not a competition, it's a game. It's not about winning or losing, it's about all the fun we can have before it ends.

I had a pretty interesting conversation with my friends while bringing in the New Year and I concluded that true love is found in the unexplainable. Let me explain in my post How Do You Know You Found True Love?

The majority of the time relationship issues aren't about the problem—it's about how you both choose to handle the problem. Yes, I said choose. If you can take hold of your emotions in the heat of the moment and realize that there is an optimal way of handling the situation then you will realize that things don't have to escalate. Also, the best time to figure out how to handle a tough situation with your partner is before the problem even happens. Communicate with your partner and talk about how you both plan on approaching inevitable issues that pop up. Also, after arguing and the ocean waves settle, talk about how you both handled the situation and what could be done to make things go even smoother next time.

Why do you believe that school is for education? Where did that notion come from? You were told, "You send your kids to school for education." No, you've been programmed to think that school is for education. Let me explain in my post School Isn't For Education.

I had a hilarious thought about Octopus. In my post Octopuses Might be More Intelligent Than Humans, I argued that the definition of intelligence for life, in general, is the ability to survive. That made me question if, with all their intelligence, they know something we don't know about life itself. Fun fact, octopuses intentionally die right after they reproduce. There's a story about a pregnant octopus that sat still and survived for 4 and a half years WITHOUT FOOD, waiting to give birth. She died right after. How she survived is still a mystery to this day. Now, it got me thinking...if octopuses are intelligent, what if they know something about life that we don't know? Like, what's on the other side death? What if intelligence isn't the ability to survive, but the ability to survive until reproducing?

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