Thinking Thursdays

Thinking Thursdays—January 21, 2021

January 21, 2021
Dwayne Walker

One of the world’s highest resolution photo is the complete collage of multiple images taken by the Curiosity Rover on MARS:

This week I discovered something online in the cryptocurrency world called NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens. NFTs are a unique token on a blockchain that has no other copies available. Owning a Pokemon Card would be a physical representation of an NFT. That card is only yours until it’s traded (or sold). When that trade happens, the unique piece itself stays the same, and ownership is simply transferred to another person. NFTs can be used to tokenize digital assets (making them unique) and people can trade, buy, sell, or giveaway that digital asset online. This is causing a surge in digital art finally being valued the same as traditional art. As of December 2020, NFT artwork has traded in a total of $8.2 million on the blockchain, and it's growing rapidly. I started selling digital art and within 24 hours of my piece being live, it sold for $300.

Art is who you are in your purest form. True art is a representation of self, and I believe that kids and teens stop drawing/painting from a fear of vulnerability. During the final stage of artistic development, many kids and teens develop a level of self-criticism from the environment they’re in—home, school, etc—so they stop creating art because they see it as a skill they don’t possess instead of an act of self-expression. The majority of people fell for the trap of life suppressing creativity, so this week I wrote a poem in hopes to inspire people to revisit their passion. Read it here.

In a book about sales, One skill I learned was that there’s always that one thing (they called it a domino) where if you get the person to believe that then everything will naturally follow.

For example: How can you convince someone to become a Christian? You only have to convince them the Bible is real. Belief in everything else will follow—Ten Commandments, rules, Hell, Heaven, Jesus, God, etc.

I was wondering how you could apply that rule to constantly improve yourself. I think the "domino" is convincing yourself that, “I can become anything.” Once you believe that, it doesn’t matter what current situation you're in or what you hope to become, you wholeheartedly believe that you have the power to change who you are.

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