Thinking Thursdays

Thinking Thursdays—December 31, 2020

December 31, 2020
Dwayne Walker

This week I confirmed that chocolate cake and red velvet cake are the same thing. I feel like I was lied to my entire life.

Is human attraction based on nurture/biology, chemical response, or social construct? I wrote about my response here.

Early-stage technology has really been fascinating me over the last few weeks. I flew my first drone, and all I think about is the near future where drones will have increased battery life, automation, pick up / drop off delivery, and size. Using this technology, farmers can spray their crops remotely, unmanned drones can do rescue missions, anything a postman can carry can be delivered by a drone in less time, and large tech companies are looking into using drones to deliver internet to remote areas. I also used the Oculus Quest 2. The first time I used a VR headset was about two years ago and Oculus has improved dramatically with a cordless design, transparency mode to see your surrounding environment, you don't need an external camera to track body, and so much more. I see improvements in the near future simply being better graphics, more social games, full-body tracking, and haptic feedback. Honestly, I can see Ready Player One coming into fruition within the next ten years. Lastly, there was this video...and all I can say is I hope they come in peace haha. Video linked here.

Why didn't Superman need a mask? Superman was created in 1938. My theory is that old superheroes didn’t need a mask because people didn’t have smartphones to take pictures. In the occurrence of a photo or video was taken it was probably ridiculously low quality to even identify Clark Kent.

Are humans the most intelligent species? I challenged human intellect in this article

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