December 17, 2020
Dwayne Walker

Please, don’t feel anxious about death, let’s marvel at life.

Honestly, I think it adds so much more value than we think. We have to solve problems quicker, prioritize experiences and time together, and express the depths of our love often because we are on a time limit.

Efficiency is key when it comes to conflict because we don’t have time for it. We should feel a clock start ticking the second we start arguing, because we are wasting valuable time.

We need to express how much we love each other with every opportunity we get through words, actions, touch, presence, and gifts.

We need an ongoing bucket list of life experiences we are pursuing together, and document them so that we can always be reminded when we're old that we lived an eventful life together.

We need to outgrow ourselves mentally by constantly learning and expanding.

The good thing is that we already do all these things. We are on the right path already.

Great love comes at the consequence of great loss, but let’s just hyper focus on making the most out of the human experience.

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