Importance of Creativity in the Workplace

April 4, 2020
Dwayne Walker

Businesses operate in a global and highly competitive environment. As such, you must foster creativity in the workplace to keep your business growing with innovation and fresh new ideas. This not only allows for new products or services, but also streamlines productivity and efficiency. When employees feel valued and motivated in the organization, they are more encouraged to be creative. Creativity provides your business with an edge to stay ahead of the game in the industry. Benefits of fostering and nurturing creative employees in the workplace include:

Promoting Problem-Solving Techniques

One crucial aspect of creative thinking is how it affects the employee’s workplace. Creative employees think outside the box and come up with innovative strategies or unique solutions to the challenges they face at work. As a result of their enthusiasm to solve problems, these employees suggest or develop new ways and ideas to completing company goals while ensuring that the organization is running efficiently.

Better Teamwork and Team Bonding

Creativity brings a shared sense of compassion among the employees, which allows them to work better together. As they carry out their creative tasks, they exchange feedback with colleagues. This becomes a creative process that promotes team bonding that helps with the overall employee engagement in the workforce. This increases team rapport translates to positive results in any business.

Ability to Retain and Attract Employees

Organizations can attract more talent by developing a workplace environment that welcomes creative minds. At the same time, a creative environment ensures that current employees stay on board long term as they are happy and content with their work in the organization.

Increases Employee’s Self-Development

Learning and employee development contribute greatly to their sense of value. Employees who are self-confident in their voice and skills are motivated and encouraged to challenge themselves to make progress and contribute within the organization. Fostering creativity is among ways of boosting the drive of employees to develop their full potential.

Ways to Inspire Creativity in the Workplace

If you are wondering how to have creative employees, the following simple strategies can prove effective:

Promote Creativity Through Office Design / Resources

An inspiring workplace promotes innovation and creativity. While your office design may have a closed layout with less open space, there are other ways you can ensure the surroundings uplift and inspire your employees. Encourage your employee to bring prints, photos, or decorative items that will keep them in good spirits. Another way you can promote creative thinking in the workplace is by investing in chairs and desks that promote better health and employee flexibility. This creates a comfortable atmosphere for employees to be as creative as possible.

Provide Flexibility and Freedom

Give you employees the freedom to choose techniques to accomplish short term goals on a regular basis. This shows trustworthiness in your employees’ judgment and experience, which enables them to achieve the set goals. Other elements that can spark creativity include brainstorming sessions during coffee, off-site team sessions, remote working, and walking meetings.

Encourage Knowledge Sharing and Continuous Learning

A creative pool that is not constantly refilled eventually runs out. Constantly encouraging staff to seek new knowledge, information, and ways to accomplish tasks is essential to building a creative workplace. Organizational support is also crucial in ensuring team members attend learning and development events or conferences. By providing a platform for your employees to exchange knowledge, you encourage then improve professionally in areas like leadership and creativity.

Diversify Your Team

Creativity is more likely to thrive when diversified. One of the ways you can enforce diversity is by recruiting employees with varying qualification levels, diverse backgrounds, perspectives, styles of learning, and insights to accelerate problem-solving within the organization. Avoid hiring a like-minded or uniform set of employees who easily agree on almost everything in the workplace. As much as this could smoothen the decision-making process, it leaves little or no room for constructively creative thoughts.

Reward Creativity

Rewarding creativity can inspire creative employees to become more creative. When the achievements of a team members are recognized and celebrated, they are motivated to continue being innovative. This also allows other employees to emulate their coworkers to earn the incentives as well. As a result, it promotes a hardworking culture while encourages employee’s creativity.

Encourage Both Teamwork and Individualism

While managers should encourage collaborative work and team bonding, they should also encourage individuality. Employees respond positively by providing unique ideas and insights when their thoughts are valued. After all, excellent ideas come from individuals but require the team to be molded and executed properly.

What Your Company Is Sacrificing by Not Fostering Creativity in Employees

Your company is likely to miss out on opportunities if creativity is not fostered in the workplace. Lack of creativity affected almost everything from productivity to the bottom line:


A rigid, micromanagement and task-driven approach are some of the ways that can inhibit productivity. Leaders who do not pay attention to work balance and focus on efficiency impose strict systems and procedures in the workplace. This type of management requires teams to complete a lot of tasks in a short time. In such unforgiving conditions, creativity struggles to thrive. Good leadership must realize that the creative process takes time to effectively boost productivity.

Every team in a business is faced with different challenges that may take time to experiment to find a realistic balance between creativity and productivity. When you understand the dynamic of productivity- creativity as a manager, your workforce discovers ways to be more productive at their roles without losing their ability to be more innovative employees.

Standing Out from the Competition

Creativity provides new and effective ideas that can help your brand stand out from other similar businesses and keep your audience interested in what you are offering. Setting your company apart from the others also pose a great challenge when it comes to marketing. However, creativity can lead to the best branding and marketing campaigns.

Negating Fear of Failure

If your employees believe that their well-intentioned failures must be punished, or new suggestions are not welcome, they tend to shut down. They become less creative and unwilling to help their team members. Over time, this may have a negative impact on productivity at work as the fear of failure consumes the workers, leaving them incapable of showcasing their talents and ideas.

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